Monday, 29 April 2013

A long weekend

Just a quick post from the delayed 13:30 Kings Cross to Newcastle service.

I'm returning from a long weekend visiting my Mum. I would love to say this was a visit for pleasure but unfortunately not.

My step father died on a sunny Sunday afternoon almost 9 months ago... This event has changed everything for those who knew him, but the events of that day shook my Mums life to it's core.

Friday was the inquest into Nigel's death, a day I had been dreading for a while but it never crossed my mind that I wouldn't go... I felt I needed to support Mum but I also needed answers for myself as to what happened that day.

The inquest was a really useful experience for me and I finally feel I have the answers I have needed.

It doesn't change the fact he is gone but I feel it will help me move on and I hope it will help Mum too.

Delayed trains give you plenty of time to think (and crochet).

Thanks for visiting x

Sunday, 14 April 2013

UKS blog hop.

First let me say a big HI to anyone visiting me for the first time, you are very welcome but I must warn you this Blog is in it's infancy so please bear with me... we all have to start somewhere.

Speaking of starting somewhere, there is a Blog hop today over on UKS so I decided to start at the top with Alison over at her blog- Bricabracadocio where she had a lovely home decor project to pretty up her bedroom while trying to sell her house.

She asked if anyone else had anything similar and I was ready to write my reply when I realised actually for once I DID!

I love pinterest.. I can spend hours on pinterest.. in fact I did today pinning pretty crochet things (if I work out how I will add a linky button in on the side over there... you know over there ------->) anyway I digress.

This is my home decor project... inspired by Pinterest and shamelessly ripped off from the gorgeous things over on Not on the high street dot com.

Sorry for the photo quality and evidence of clothes washing in background I snapped a few pictures just before wrapping it.

This canvas was a Christmas gift for my step sister and uses my much loved Martha Stewart butterfly punch and scraps from my equally well loved (and vast) October Afternoon paper collection.

The butterflies were suppose to all stand neatly but the pesky things just wanted to fly off... so I let them!

Thanks for visiting.


ps yes, I know it is silly later for playing around blog hopping but I'm on nights starting tomorrow so resetting my body clock to sleep in day by staying up half the night is one of the few pleasure involved in shift work :)