Monday, 29 April 2013

A long weekend

Just a quick post from the delayed 13:30 Kings Cross to Newcastle service.

I'm returning from a long weekend visiting my Mum. I would love to say this was a visit for pleasure but unfortunately not.

My step father died on a sunny Sunday afternoon almost 9 months ago... This event has changed everything for those who knew him, but the events of that day shook my Mums life to it's core.

Friday was the inquest into Nigel's death, a day I had been dreading for a while but it never crossed my mind that I wouldn't go... I felt I needed to support Mum but I also needed answers for myself as to what happened that day.

The inquest was a really useful experience for me and I finally feel I have the answers I have needed.

It doesn't change the fact he is gone but I feel it will help me move on and I hope it will help Mum too.

Delayed trains give you plenty of time to think (and crochet).

Thanks for visiting x

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